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press clips


Feds up ante in Salinas River steelhead recovery. (Salinas Californian 12/2013)

Conservation, environmental justice groups sue state over ag runoff regulations. (Monterey County Weekly 12/2013)

Local Fishermen, EDC Join Lawsuit Over No-Otter Zone. (Santa Barbara NoozHawk 10/2013)

No-otter zone ends in Southern California. (NBC and ABC TV 2/2013)


Farmers, Environmentalists to Battle Over Water Pollution (Daily Journal-California’s largest legal newspaper)

Sea Otter Numbers Up, But So Are Deaths (SFGate)

There Are No Otters Here (Outside Online)

Coastal Commission to End ‘No Otter’ Zone (Santa Barbara Independent)


Sea Otter Deaths Jump in 2010 (San Francisco Chronicle)


Hungry Otters Stray (Associated Press)

Stay Otter There (Scientific American)

Otter Project Gets New Board of Directors (Monterey County Herald)

Sea Otter Population in Decline (Associated Press)

California Sea Otter Numbers Down for Third Year (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Otters Struggle to Keep Numbers Afloat (San Luis Obispo Tribune)

Otter Defended Op Ed (Santa Barbara Independent)

Local Groups Doing Their Part for Earth Day (Gilroy Dispatch)

Otter Zone Lawsuit Update (Edhat Santa Barbara)

Otter Numbers Continue to Decline (Monterey County Herald)

Monterey Coastkeeper Sues County Water Resources Agency Over Farming Pollution (Monterey County Weekly)

Help Celebrate the Otters Return Op Ed (Santa Barbara Independent)



Rare Sea Otter Confirmed at Depoe Bay (Oregon Live)

Sea Otter Sighting Confirmed in Oregon for the First Time in 103 Years (The Register Guard)

Another Year Down for Sea Otters (KSBW)

Monterey Bay Shores Ecoresort is Buried in Drama (Monterey County Weekly)

Sea Otter Population Drops (The Californian)

Sea Otter Recovery Stalls (KSBW)

Otter Insanity (Monterey County Weekly)

The Incredible Shrinking of the Sea Otters (NBC LA)

Monterey Bay Mascot is Not Doing so Well (Monterey County Weekly)

Worried Scientists Find Sea Otter Numbers Continue to Decline (Oakland Tribune)

Scientists Note Slight Decrease in Local Sea Otter Population (San Luis Obispo Tribune)

Its a False Choice Op Ed (Santa Cruz Sentinel)



Kelp Make a Comeback Off PVP (Daily Breeze)

Sea Otters Fate Mirrors Our Own (San Jose Mercury News)

Ocra Killing Sea Otters Means Bald Eagles Kill More Birds (Wildlife Extra)



Today Sea Life Faces Even More Threats (Santa Barbara News Press)

Sewage Plant Fix Victory for Otters (San Jose Mercury News)

We Otter be Careful About What Wildlife is Telling us About Immune Suppression (Seattle PI)

Sea Otter Op Ed (Monterey County Herald)

Oil Spill a Reminder to Protect Oceans (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

What’s Good for the Otter is Good for us (San Jose Mercury News)

MPAN Newsletter (MPA News)



Fishing Limits Revisited With Five Proposals (Santa Barbara News Press)

Opinion Today Sea Life Faces Even More Threats (Santa Barbara News Press)

Comptroller Warns of New Drilling (Monterey County Herald)

Compromise Central Coast Marine Reserve Plan Advances (Santa Barbara News Press)

A Mess Beneath Morro Bays Pristine Surface (San Luis Obispo Tribune)

Lets Learn to Live with our Sea Otters (San Luis Obispo Tribune)

State Creates Marine Havens (Los Angeles Times)

Conserving Ocean Gems for Future Generations (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Farr Urges Patience in Sea Otter Funding (Monterey County Herald)

Otter Numbers Stagnant (The Californian)



Comptroller Warns of New Drilling (Monterey County Herald)

Morro Bay Mystery Sea Otters Death Rate (San Jose Mercury News)

Agency Seeks to Lift Otter Ban (Los Angeles Times)

Abalones May Owe Their Huge Size to Otters (UC Berkeley)

Quiet Talk of Drilling Offshore (San Francisco Chronicle)

Suit Criticizes Review of Proposed Oil Projects (San Francisco Chronicle)

Sea Otters or More Oil Drilling (Santa Barbara News Press)

Restore Otters Clean Water (Santa Barbara News Press)

Agency Seeks to Lift Otter Ban (Los Angeles Times)

Otters May Win Right to Roam (Monterey County Herald)

New Waters for Sea Otters (Santa Barbara News Press)

Sea Otter Recovery Plan Proposed (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Federal Experiment to Relocate Sea Otters to Remote Island Fails (San Francisco Chronicle)

Sea Otter Relocation Program May End (Ventura County Star)

Unintended Consequences (Ventura County Star)

Eliminate Failed No Otter Zone (Monterey County Herald)

Bring Sea Otters Back Home to South Coast (Santa Barbara News Press)

Coastal Battle of Wits NOZ (San Luis Obispo Tribune)

Otters Winning Battle of Wits (Associated Press)



SCS Researchers Investigate Morro Bay Otter Deaths (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Sea Otter Population Shows Second Yearly Gain (San Jose Mercury News)

Clues In a Deadly Mystery (Los Angeles Times)

Letter to the Editor (Monterey County Herald)



Sea Otter Deaths are no Mystery (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

BAQ Sea Otter Program Update (Monterey Bay Aquarium)



Sea Otter Revival (Living on Earth Radio)